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1Gen, Thai next to Ballston Commons Mall - Closed

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Was tired of take out from Thai Terrace last week and had a coupon from 1Gen so decided to use it when a Vegetarian friend was staying over and Hubby didn't feel good and wasn't eating. (The thought of trying to make a Glutten-free Vegetarian meal overwhelmed me) I ordered the Terriyaki Salmon with Broccoli. Which sounds mediocre, but actually it was prepared very nicely. The salmon was nicely grilled and the sauce wasn't overwhelming or real thick. The broccoli was flavorful and not mushy. My friend enjoyed her curry and we got free spring rolls which were nicely made. They describe themselves as "Fine Dining" which I am not sure about, except the white tablecloths, and the menu isn't huge, but what I had was executed well.

I think they are adding some sort of grill from the advertisement to be open soon.


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It is certainly not fine dining, but I agreement with your assessment that the food is better than you would expect it to be. Sure it's dumbed down a bit, but the ingredients are fresh and the atmosphere is relaxing. This used to be one of my wife's favorite takeout spots when we lived in Arlington.

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