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CNN/Southern Living DC Cheap Eats Guide


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Hey everybody, it's time for another 'Rip Apart A Media Dining Guide'! Yay!!

Today's subject is Eat Like A Senator For Intern Prices courtesy of Southern Living via CNN.

As usual, a mix of random stuff, overrated stuff, Ben's Chili Bowl so the Southern Living editor doesn't get deluged with letters (and on it's own merits, though I've never been myself). and the odd astute choices (Breadline at #1 though it's unclear if this is a 'list' or a 'ranking'...rock on with that either way; The Burro).

Overall, I give it a B- or a high C+. Have at it!

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I like Matchbox and all, but I can't say it's ever made me feel like a "Beltway insider." I guess in the literal sense, I live in DC and am thus inside the beltway, but...you know.

Those are some really mediocre picks. The Diner? Sushi Aoi?? Points off for any article that suggests Lauriol Plaza (as if they need the business).

Somehow I failed to see anything at Left Bank for a dollar. What's the catch? Lunch only?

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