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Sisters' Sandwiches and Such, Georgia Avenue in Olney

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After reading about this place (website) in the Post, we gave it a shot last night. My J-man sandwich was on a good baguette, but the flavors were not so exciting. Shredded chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese should be a winning combo--this was boring, with very little evidence of cheddar cheese and just a subtle bacon flavor. The "J's special sauce" was either not present or not so special. And the tomatoes--which should shine this time of year--tasted like they came from a Sysco truck, not a field. I do think that this sandwich could be tweaked--maybe more bacon? More seasoning in the chicken? Something. The Reuben sandwich was a bit better, but still a little bit off. The bread was toasted, but the sandwich not grilled, so it didn't quite taste like a reuben. A panini press would work wonders with this sandwich. The sauerkraut was sweet, which was interesting in a good way, but the 'homemade russian dressing' was very mild or very lightly applied.

The big turnoff was that the warm ingredients were warmed in a microwave/convection oven, giving everything that mildly soggy quality. While the sandwiches were hefty, I expected a bit more flavor and quality for my $8/sandwich.

The big winner were the chocolate chunk cookies--really great!

They've only been open for a short time, so we'll go back and try it again.

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Tried this place for lunch yesterday. It was just after noon so they were really busy but they seemed to have the drill down. You order at the counter and they will bring your your meal. I sat outside as it was a pleasant day. They do not have a grill so my sandwich "the Great Albert Rueben" was toasted on marbled rye but that was fine. It is not a classic rueben as it is pastrami instead of corned beef, but since I don't like corned beef I always order them with pastrami anyway. B) The house made sourkraut on the sandwich was very good, and the pastrami while not piled high was more than enough and had good flavor. I was not impressed with the side of mac and cheese, not bad, but only ok. I had a glass of wine(a Malbec) with the sandwich and it was adequate for the price. It isn't like I was expecting a wine list.

They offer a good number of sandwiches, and appear to use good ingredients and take care in making them. The menu offers about 6 salads but I didn't try one. Several soups, including a soup of the day. You can get a half sandwich with a soup or salad if you wish.

All in all, I enjoyed the meal and will definitely go back when I am in the mood for a sandwich. I certainly hope they do well as this area can use more of this type of place.

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