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I think it's very cool that they have a menu posted for a place like Baked & Wired (even though it's hard to see) and ridiculous that they have the menus for all those Starbucks posted.  Thanks for posting this, NCP.

It's even more ridiculous that they seem to have menus posted for every location of every fast food chain known to man. Puff up the restaurant count I suppose. And the ads are excruciatingly annoying. But the site nevertheless is clearly useful. Is it better than what Amazon has on their site? I don't know.

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Has anyone noticed that when you click on a menu, it comes up with the "X" concealed behind the scroll bar so you can't X out of it quickly? That's dirty pool.

On the other hand, I would have never known about the "Big Buford" at Checkers Drive-In.

Don Buford is the first-base coach for the Nationals and used to be a fine leadoff hitter for the Orioles.

Also there's Buford Pusser.

These are the only two people I can think of named Buford.

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Is anyone out there using a Mac?

I'm on OS 10.3.9 using Safari, and it loads fine for me. I clicked on the link in the above post.

But seriously, only Starbucks, Chef Geoff's and McD's in the AU vicinity? It's as pathetic as Van Ness/UDC! And thought in campus dining options were pathetic. At least Ace Beverage is down the street. :lol:

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I haven't had a chance to play around on it very much yet, but I just read in The Hill about menupix.

I can't vouch for its comprehensiveness or accuaracy, but I've always found menupages.com in New York a helpful tool in trying to research restaurants. This looks to be pretty similar.

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  Crystal City ($$)   

Cuisine:  American, Sandwiches, Burgers, Steak

Neighborhood:  Pentagon/Crystal (Arlington)

Website:  www.crystalcityrestaurant.com/

Delivery:  This Restaurant Does Not Deliver.

With the most expensive item on the menu being $14.99, you wonder where they get the $$ designation.

....ooooh, right. Pitty they don't deliver.

Hi Stud....my name is Ferrari.  Did you order a HOT roast beef platter?
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