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Highlands, Small Neighborhood Cafe on 14th and Crittenden Street - Petworth

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On 8/8/2009 at 9:35 AM, 'DonRocks said:

The Mocha Hut location in Petworth also no longer exists, and is now open as Highlands Cafe and Grill.

I've lived around the corner from Highlands Cafe for about a year and started going to brunch every now and again. The brunch menu isn't terribly creative, but it's solid and very reasonably priced.

I happened to stop for coffee this morning (gotta support the local establishments, you know?) and managed to chat with the proprietor/chef. So the scuttlebutt is:

- their liquor license just got approved (I can't wait to add mimosas to those omlettes).

- the bus barn across the street has been sold to developers and is planned to be condos/retail.

This is welcome news, since it's a cute little block (14th between Critten & Decatur) and I've been hoping for a while that some more neighborhood-y joints would spring up.

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Met a friend who lives nearby this morning to help with a frozen pipe. Always fun sleuthing a culprit pipe in an old house with competing plumbing systems installed and altered across the decades but I digress.

Anyway, my reward (for not much help) was brunch here. With flurries and flakes beginning to fall, the cafe was PACKED. I agree with susanmab above. This is nothing to go out of your way to try. It's very straightforward diner type fare. Breakfasty items include bacon&eggs, big waffles, and even a "Tuscan Omelette" with polenta and a grilled portabella! That said, it really warms my heart to see spots like this, providing three squares with a bar and coffee each day from dawn to well past dusk. I didn't ask about the coffee. Didn't care and didn't really want to know. Also, I'm not sure but bet they have wifi at times. It's clearly a hugely appreciated spot in whatever hood* this is. They were absolutely slammed this morning. And, when exited, two fresh inches of snow had fallen!

Don't drive today if you don't have to. Really treacherous gridlock around the city today.

Restaurant website here:


P.S., A shot of a giant egg dish here would have been great for "Where did I dine?" No one has posted here in five years since the topic was started. But that's why I suck at that game. :-)

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