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I work in MD so I feel left out since I'm unable to try all of the food carts popping up in DC and VA now. So I'm wondering, would it be possible to do a food truck tour one day when I'm not feeling well enough to go into the office? :( I know it might be tricky given that many tweet their locations with little advance notice and given that they probably don't stay much beyond the lunch hour, but maybe it's possible???

I'd want a variety of cuisines, I like the idea of a banh mi truck and was just reading about the lobster roll truck (although that sounds tricky given teh long waits), but don't even know what else is out there right now. I know one of the first carts around was a bulgogi cart and I'd be happy to add that to the list. :) Really, as long as it's good food, I don't care. Being able to metro b/c locations would be ideal.

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I know a couple of food trucks/carts are in set locations depending on the day of the week. District Taco, for example, is always in Crystal City on Tuesdays and Thursdays and in North Arlington on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (usually Rosslyn or Ballston).

The bulgogi cart is always on 14th and L in the District, right? I haven't been yet, but am itching to try it...

Not really interested in the other food trucks/carts that are popular in the area right now, so not sure about them!

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