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Bluecoat Gin


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"Uncommonly smooth," their website says. I taste "uncommonly alcoholic," with not much to like (it's 94 proof, and not at all graceful). In terms of it being a "mixing Gin," I wouldn't mix this with anything other than a shovel. Anyone else?



It's not one of my favorites either, so the reason you state above.. I prefer a lower proof that lets me appreciate the botanicals without setting my throat on fire.

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I wonder if you either got a bottle from a bad batch or it is just a product of over-expansion. When the gin was first introduced and only available in Pennsylvania it was indeed remarkably smooth with nice hints of orange.

Someone else recently (Anita from Married With Dinner, while we were at PS7) said the same thing to me (as DonRocks) the other night, and I was surprised.

To me, it's always been a mellow citrus-y mixing gin. In fact, I made that batch of Corpse Reviver #2s at the last picnic with it, and I though they came out TOO citrus-y.

I'm starting to seriously consider trying to buy as recent of a bottle as possible and seeing how it compares to my older bottle.

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