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I love fresh past and really enjoy The paparadelle at Tosca, they typaically do it with wild boar. Dario leo used to do a fabulous chocolate tagliatelle with rabbit raguat Goldoni's but it slipped off the menuwhen he left for Georgia. Another hole in the wall favorite of mine is the fresh past at the Via Veneto in Hooin Hall area of Mt Vernon, their fresh pastas are light as a feather!

I am interested in other peoples experiences with frersh pasta and great authentic italian sauces.


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Roberto set the standard and maintains it today in his Laboratorio. Tosca IS excellent. But Roberto's is as good as the best in Italy. Maestro is also outstanding (especially their lobster ravioli) but I believe the various pastas are more a part of the daily menu in the Lab with several always represented.

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