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I received this message from Tanikka Cunningham:

Healthy Solutions has been honored to have been selected as one of 10 final organizations to receive a grant from the proceeds of Fresh the Movie. I'm writing asking for you and everyone you know to go to the link below and vote for Healthy Solutions.

With the grant we are going to expand our Bridging the Gap and Deep Roots programs that will Nationally:

Teach more African American youth about the importance of agriculture- helping to build more Black Farmers. Assist Black farmers to create their own food systems so they can become profitable while feeding communities- teaching our farmers how to be producers and helping them distribute their goods through multiple distribution means.

So why is this important, because black farmers make up 1% and declining of all agricultural producers. That means in a group of 100 farmers only 1 is Black. So we have to work to maintain the numbers we have and create additional producers quickly- before there are no more Black Farmers. This doesn't just effect the Black communities it effect all communities. To protect your producers is to insure your future, because without farmers there is no food.

So we ask you to go to the link before September 24th!

We are working to help educate our children, help our farmers and feed our communities and with your support of a vote we can do just that- so go vote NOW for Healthy Solutions.


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