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Stuggy's, Fells Point

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A new gourmet hot dog place called Stuggy's opened on Broadway in Fells Point recently. They told me the have their hotdogs made for them from local sausage place Ostrowski's.

They have different preparations of their hot dogs including the Michigan and Chicago style.

I had the Bmore dog which is like the Attman's dog with grilled bologna and mustard. I also tried the Carolina Slaw dog which had chili and cole slaw. Both were quite good. The dogs are boiled then heated up on the grill.

Their soda fountain only serves Boylan's, and oh yeah, for dessert I had their deep fried Oreo cookies.

I want to go back to try their bison sausage and hot Italian.


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Popped back into Stuggy's late last night.

This time, I had their baeurwurst! It was slow cooked in beer- so delicious with just some mustard and onion.

I also tried their corn dog. It's made fresh with their 1/4 lb dog, chopped into 4 pieces, dipped in corn batter and fried to order.

Spoke with the owner- they are hoping to make their own Hungarians in the near future.

Very promising new late night place as and alternative to all the carryout and pizza places in the city.

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So we get it..Baltimore and D.C. residents really love their hot dogs. We are a family owned hot dog shop in fells point. We opened in April but have been serious meat eaters forever. I wanted to open a conversation regarding the best toppings that you would like to see heading into the fall season!!!!

Be creative and don't hold back people!!!!

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