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When should you throw in the towel on a meal?


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I ate at a restaurant tonight that I expect to see on Hell's Kitchen sometime in the future... if they make it that far. It's a very attractive, relatively new restaurant in Atlanta. The person who recommended it isn't necessarily a foodie but she recommended this as a solid "Atlanta" type restaurant (i.e. American).

OMG... it was bad. I literally feel like I've licked a salt block. But that's the end result here are the facts:

1) The bread was fresh but very cold. The butter a block of ice.

2) They thougtfully split the salad. Unfortunately the lettuce was literally rotting. This wasn't mesculun, it was a wedge using bibb lettuce... and the rotting was on the external leaves.

3) They brought out one entree and not the other. Set it down and walked away. Odd.

4) someone finally stopped by long enough for me to say I had not received my entree.

5) oops they tell me, my entree wasn't entered. "may they take the other entree back to keep warm" since my guest hadn't started because she was missing a spoon, she obliged.

6) time passes, they bring our dishes back. this time with a spoon for my friend to eat her gumbo. I take a bite of my entree and it was COLD.

7) I send it back to be warmed...

8) it arrives and I am grateful it is hot because hot food tastes better even if the food isn't that good.

In retrospect, I wish we had left at some point before the entree situation was resolved. Is that ever appropriate? I would have paid for the salad...

Am I just being bitter for not having any feeling in my tongue?

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