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Bay Leaves, Free for the Taking


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I hope this is message in the the appropriate category, If not, please put it where it belongs!

We've got a 10 foot tall x 3-4 foot wide bay tree that's getting too big for it's location. We've been hesitant to prune it because we hate the idea of trashing all those great leaves. Always the genius, Mrs. DrXmus thought of offering it up to DonRockwellians

I'm not sure what else to say. This is a pick-it-yourself situation, although SWMBO will probably supervise because the plan is to prune the tree, not mangle it. You can have as much as you want. There are several hundred, if not thousands, of leaves on this bad boy, so don't be shy. As I'm sure you know, the leaves dry easily and will store for years.

Message me for my address and scheduling details. We'd like the pruning to be done sooner, rather than later, like within the next 2 weeks.

Sandy Christmus

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