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Rosslyn Coffee & Deli, Rosslyn Metro - Underrated Sandwich Shop on Wilson Blvd. and N. Lynn Street


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Rosslyn is lousy with small sandwich shops, and, frankly, most of them are... well, lousy. Well, maybe not lousy, but certainly bland, nondescript, unimaginative, plain, etc. You get the picture. In this sea of sandwich shop sameness, I must give a shout out to the good folks at Rosslyn Coffee & Deli, who are more than a cut above the rest. Located in an office building near the bottom of Wilson Blvd., the place has no outside signage, so it is easy to miss. Inside you will find a fine array of hot paninis, foccacia sandwiches, and other specialty sandwich creations, as well as your standard deli fare. Today, I had the pastrami panini on a multigrain ciabatta, with havarti, spinach, artichokes, and roasted red peppers. The sandwich was tasty, the ingredients were fresh, and the unusual accents like the spinach and artichokes worked and were much appreciated. Apart from the sandwiches, the care these folks put in to this enterprise is evident from the cleanliness of the store, the quality of the snacks and drinks they sell, and the fact that they also have a surprisingly good selection of bottled beer, including a mini-section with Belgian ales. This is not your gourmet sandwich shop, just a hard-working place making quality sandwiches with fresh ingredients, keeping the hungry of Rosslyn well-fed. It is worth your consideration if you are ever in the area. This is exactly the type of small business that deserves support.

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Wanted to give a shout out to this place. Started going here about six months' back on dcs's recommendation. It really is solid and has become a regular lunch spot for me. I'm a fan of the cobb salad, made with a fresh(ly microwaved) chicken breast, good avocados, and good bacon. One of my co-workers swears by the bulgogi cheesesteak. And the portions and prices are reasonable--I like being able to get a good-but-not-oversized salad for $7 vs. going around the corner to chop't for a salad that is too big (but not big enough for two full lunches for me) and costs $10+.

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