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Trenton, NJ


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I have been to De Lorezo's, but not Papa's. The attachment says that De Lorenzo's is the classic, in his mind (He grew up in PA, just over from Trenton.)

It was very good. Tasty crust, good toppings, NOT SOGGY! (I hate soggy.)

I was surprised to find that it was a BYO alcoholic drinks place. Luckily, we had a case of wine in the car, so we had some with us. They also had birch beer - my favorite.

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Thanks for the replies. Will keep Halo in mind, but it's doubtful since have to convince some friends the detour for the pizza is worth it.

Yes, it's hard to choose between pizza and friends.

DeLorenzo's on Hudson's. That is the foundation of the reputation for Trenton pizza. We drove there from Reston-twice-and it was worth it.

Having said this perhaps we should try Papa's on our next trip...

1912 predates Totonno's, Pepe's and a few others.

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Forgot to mention from my research on Trenton pizza last week, I read some place and this may not be true, that De Lorenzo's on Hudson is on a month to month lease basis.

Apparently, the main focus is on the De Lorenzo's in Robbinsville instead of the older joint.

I'm certainly going to try and make it up there on my next trip to NYC, but just something to keep in mind if you're interested in the place. And if anyone knows that isn't true,

please post here.

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