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Spicknall's (Farm Market)

Pool Boy

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Spicknall's Farm Market

12011 Old Gunpowder Rd, Beltsville, MD 20705

(301) 937-8288

I lifted the address from the interwebs so don't hold me to its accuracy.

This place has been around easily 40+ years. It is locate don Old Gunpowder Road just west/north of the Old Gunpowder Road/Powder Mill Road intersection just off of 95 in suburban MD. They grow and sell their own produce, and then bring in produce grown elsewhere from their chosen sources when the growing season here has ended (or not started yet). Is it always local? No. Is it organic? Sometimes. Is it convenient, well priced and locally run? Hell yes. They also sell McCutcheon's products (honey, jellies, james, etc) cider, etc.

I used to always call it 'the farm stand' until last year I learned the real name of the place.

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These guys are still open and doing their thing. Just remember to wear masks!

They have had tremendous local peaches, blackberries, blueberries and sour cherries this year. Rhubarb and strawberries are past us, but those were good, too. Lots of tomatoes and the corn is coming along nicely.  They also regularly carry eggs and a few other refrigeration-required items.

And, of course, they also sell a lot of plants - perennials, annuals, flower baskets, starter plants for tomatoes, herbs and whathaveyou. They also sell Christmas trees when it is that time of the year. They have actually upped their game a good bit on the plants front with nearby Behnke's having closed a year ago. They even bought a bunch of the shopping carts from Behnke's for rolling aroung to put plants on while you shop.

Anyway, it's definitely worth a look if you are in the area. I'm fortunate to be just about a 7-minute easy drive away.

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We got our pumpkin there one year when we didn't get our act together to visit a pumpkin patch. My daughter also went on an adorable field trip there when she was in preschool (which was how I first learned about it).

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