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Brickskeller Sale in the Works


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Considering how many beers I've consumed there, I must own a partial stake in the place.

True story, back in the '80s, I took a Navy SEAL there for some beers. With hundreds to choose from, he asked for a "silver bullet" aka Coors Light. I was embarrassed for him, but he had no idea that he was completely out of whack with the concept of the place. Thankfully, his job was to kill terrorists, and not be a beer snob.

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Is there a thread on this already? It seems as though I posted to it earlier but I did a search and did not find it. If there is another thread Don then I apologize for the duplication.

Anyway, lots of discussion about the Brickskeller sale all over the place especially on the beer boards and blogs of course. WTOP gives credit to Mr. Carman for breaking the story and IMO he did the best coverage. Still, there are many details that have not been confirmed such as the exact closing date and where the name will be used. It seems to be a safe bet that the name will be used at RFD. I wonder what will happen to the inventory. I guess they will take most or all of it to the new digs. It would be interesting if they auctioned off some of the collection.


This is also being covered in the Brickskeller thread in Restaurants and Dining.

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