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Heavy Seas Cask Ale @ Eventide

Steve W.

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I normally don’t advertise on this board; it was a couple of DR folks that convinced me to do so…

On Wednesday, October 20th, I will be tapping a firkin of Heavy Seas Winter Storm Category 5 Ale at Eventide’s lounge in Clarendon. This is a big deal to me because we don’t have taps at Eventide, and I LOVE cask ales and don’t get enough time off to visit those spots that carry them. Last year, Thomas Cizauskas from Select Wines hooked me up with his own personal pin so that I could try serving cask ale. It was a solid first effort and I want to continue the tradition.

We will tap around 6 and pour until it’s empty; hopefully there is enough to carry us into Thursday. I haven’t received final pricing yet, but I will be offering discounted glasses for everyone present for the tapping.

See ya!


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