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Mi Viejo Pueblito, Highlandtown - Closed

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I dropped by Mi Viejo Pueblito in Highlandtown for lunch yesterday. It's been getting some chatter on Chowhound and the City Paper in the past few months.

They offered a lunch buffet, but I opted for a torta with black beans, spicy pork filets, avocado, lettuce and tomato. It came with a side of plantains and a crema dipping sauce. The tortilla chips were really good with a mild-med red salsa.

The menu looks promising- menudo, mole poblano, chilaquiles.

I look forward to going back.

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Just a report on the dinner I arranged with chef Iveth last night with some Charm City Chowhounders. There were a little more than twenty people, so food was set up buffet style. I asked chef for authentic Mexican, and she did not disappoint.

I started with several appetizers:

Esquites- a soup made with kernals of roasted corn served with mayo and chili powder- it was like Mexican roasted corn on the cob in soup form

Picaditas- small corn tortilla circles topped with salsa and crema

Grasshoppers- the last of this season's crop- simply cooked with lemon and salt- this would make a great bar snack

Mexican candy- made with fruit- almost like gumdrops

Tamales- in banana leaves with chicken, red sauce

This was followed by some really good entrees served with really good beans and rice:

Lengua (tongue) with choice of salsas- very tender

Moronga in fried tortilla boats- Mexican blood sausage- my first time trying this- good flavors

Chicharron in Verde sauce- the pork skin was soft and gelatinous like sea cucumber

Mole Poblano- my favorite of the night- great sauce

For dessert, we have fresh fried churros.

If you guys ever get a chance for lunch there, I would also recommend the Arabe tacos- chunks of pork and skin that you dip into a smokey spicy Arabe sauce.

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