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New Heights Seeks Bar Manager

Kavita Singh

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We lost our wonderful bartender, Chris, on short notice awhile back, and we've all been so busy that we simply haven't had time to interview people (that's what happens when you're thrust into working six nights a week).

New Heights is looking for the following qualities in our new bar manager: young in spirit, customer friendly, experience in mixology AND bartending (mixology = developing original drinks and executing classic ones; bartending = the skill of making those drinks while interacting with our treasured customers from around the country and world). It will be your job, with lots of responsibility and potential to become one of the great, famous bartenders this city has to offer. Everything will be up to you and your talents, dedication and ambitions. Salary, with tips and commissions, has the potential to be well above industry average and even surprisingly high considering the size of the bar, but that's going to take work on your part.

Expect to work hard at our small bar; perhaps less so now that our patio is shutting down for the wintertime. At times, you may need to assume the role of runner, bringing down Logan Cox's fantastic food from upstairs, and you'll also learn an incredible amount about this ultra-talented chef who has gone inexplicably unappreciated by the mainstream DC dining press. You can work with him to design wine and cocktail pairings around his superb, complex dishes.

New Heights is celebrating its 25-year anniversary next year and it's entirely because of our dedication to discovering lesser-known chefs and bartenders who we feel deserve recognition and elevation onto a higher stage. With the nearby hotel business, pay may be inconsistent night-to-night, but it's quite consistent over the long term.

Our whole downstairs will be your bar to develop, and with time, your name will be strongly on it. You'll have every opportunity to develop a following.

Please send your resume to me directly, Kavita, at newheightsrestaurant@comcast.net - include as much detail as possible along with a phone number. We're looking forward to discovering the next, young superstar. Do you have what it takes? Write us and let us know. HEALTH INSURANCE STARTING THE FIRST DAY OF WORK, AND WILL BE FULLY (RETROACTIVELY) REIMBURSED IF YOU STAY THREE MONTHS! We care about our employees and it shows. Example: two of our dishwashers have been here for over sixteen years.

Write me personally, and let us at New Heights give you the venue to reach your full potential.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kavita Singh,


New Heights

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