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China Castle, MSG-Free Korean-Chinese on Old Courthouse Road in East Vienna - Closed

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I heard about this place from menusarang.com which introduces Korean restaurants in the DC Metro area. According to the website, Chef Chen used to work at a Chinese restaurant near the city hall in Seoul, left and came to the U.S. and opened this place. The website also added his black bean noodle and Jjampong (spicy seafood noodle soup) is fantastic. Escoffier and I tried the black bean noodle, Jjampong and Szechuan spicy shrimp. The black bean sauce has a deeper and earthier taste than usual. I am wondering if it is homemade. Diced pork, chopped onion and julienned zucchini were stir-fried with the black bean sauce. The sauce was very well done. I could tell the chef is very skillful. The texture of the noodles was okay, not as remarkable as Da Rae Won's. I ordered Jjampong and asked them to make it spicier. It wasn't very spicy, however, it was very tasty. The Szechuan spicy shrimp was good. It also could have been spicier. One thing I was disappointed with was that he made the dish very saucier therefore, it lost crunchiness. Overall, I ilke this place a lot and I will visit this place again soon.

'House of No MSG' was written on top of the menu. After I tasted his foods, I can trust the statement.

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If you expect this place to serve typical American-Chinese food, then it might be dreadful as you said. Chef Chen's specialty is Korean-Chinese food. Remember the food I ordered at Jang Won Bahn Jom? This is what you said. I think you would like K37(Stir fried shreded pork and chive) on the last page of the menu. It would be enough for two. Ask if it comes with steamed buns. The black bean noodle I had is K03 and Jjampong(spicy seafood noodle soup) is K06.

House of No MSG!

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Found their website. Their online menu unfortunately don't have their Korean dishes.

Hmm, they posted the take-out menu without listing Korean/Chinese food. Try sweet and sour pork and order it without ketchup (the American version uses ketchup).

I took a picture of the Korean menu but it won't help you a lot. Maybe we can arrange a dinner with you some time later.

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