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Wedding Shower Food Ideas


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Fellow Rockwellians, riddle me this:

the gf is hosting her sister's wedding shower, the theme is Saturday afternoon tea party-esque, so she wants to serve canape, finger food type stuff.

Here's the catch:

The bride is going carb free pre-wedding (which cuts out most items serve on toast points, tartlets, crackers, crisps etc.)

The host is semi-vegetarian (no land animals, seafood ok)

Many items we have thought of end up being heavy on the cheese/dairy (so we want to expand the menu beyond that)

Host doesn't want to be stuck in the kitchen doing last minute cooking, so she needs items that can be prepped an hour or so in advance and held at room or fridge temps.

Thoughts and ideas?

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Smoked salmon on cucumber slices, with a little dollop of creme fraiche. (Wow, that sounds so good to me right now!)

Oh, and I swear, whenever I put out boiled shrimp and cocktail sauce, they disappear in like a minute. That was a luxury staple at my parents' cocktail parties, but I never see it anymore.

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I would keep the toast points items, but use veggies or other items as the "toast" to cut out the carbs.

For example, I have used sliced cucumbers or squash as toast points. You can also use bacon, or do a slider using sliced meat.

Fry up sliced, firm tofu to make "finger sandwiches" or make kabobs.

Possible menu:

Tabbouleh or baba ganoosh (sp?) using endive.

Lettuce wraps with diced meats and veggies.


Seafood + <fitb> atop of squash/cucumber.

Bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with lighter cheese.

Veggies + bean dip.

Slice tofu with hummus spread + asparagus.

Beet salad.

eta: that's what I get for typing up a menu - others have posted same ideas. at least great minds think alike. (heehee.)

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Wrap asparagus spears in smoked salmon. Mix a little grated lemon rind into creme fraiche to serve alongside [thanks, mktye]

mascarpone-stuffed dates a la Komi

roasted olives a la 2 Amys

crab or lobster stuffed mushrooms

marinated mushrooms

vegetable or fruit banderillas

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If the person is serious about the low carb diet, this definitely means no dates, beets, or fruit and probably also means no tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, bean dip, or stuffed mushrooms (because of the need for binder). In fact, if everything needs to satisfy the stated criteria of low carb and pescatarian, the menu will consist almost entirely of (1) seafood; (2) cheese; (3) eggs; and (4) green vegetables. As condiments, you basically get mayo, oil, vinegar, and mustard.

My suggestions would be:

- deviled eggs

- seafood salads dressed in mayo or oil and vinegar

- smoked salmon

- seared tuna or sashimi

- crudite (no carrots)

- pickles and olives

- marinated mushrooms (maybe -- these have more carbs than you think).

I just made M&S's recipe for crab, shrimp, and artichoke dip, which could work. It's nothing but seafood, artichoke, cream cheese, mayo, mustard, and spices and is quite good.

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You might also consider a quinoa salad of some sort. Not finger food, but I think you can go outside that box so everyone meets their needs. Also think about lettuce wraps of some sort. I really like that when I am cutting out gluten from stuff.

We had untraditional foods at my bridal tea, but they were tasty and no one complained :) In fact they finished most everything.

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