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Help Needed for Complimentary Happy Hour


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Hi I'm Toya Johnson

I am new member to this group.

Right now I am taking the final steps in order to improve my business plan. Part of this process includes fleshing the sample menu and drink list.

This restaurant venture is a new hospitality concept I have designed and conceived. It's a fine dining experience and a lounge. It is important that this sample menu reflects some of the new trends in the restaurant world in addition to tapping into some old tried and true food selections that always sell.

I am inviting YOU to participate in a discussion. You will be invited to mingle with others who work in the food and wine industry over drinks and light fare. You will complete a survey of the sample menu and drink list, then we will go around the table and discuss. This event should last no more than 2 hours.


-Someone who likes meeting new people in the food and wine industry

-Likes to work in small groups and is respectful of other's ideas

-Currently working in the restaurant industry

-Has experience putting together menus for dinner parties, weddings, and/or restaurants

-And has no problem verifying their experience if asked

-Can get to the 24th and M St. area after 5pm on Thurs. 11/18/10

Space is limited. This is going to be lots of FUN! And the best part is that it's on ME! Just come with a professional and positive attitude!

If this sounds like YOU please send me an email by 11/12/10. You can also see this event under Yelp.com. Persons will be notified if they have been selected no later than 11/16/10.

I look forward to talking with you soon!

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