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Cheestique Isn't Just for Cheese Anymore


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Already posted this on the Cheesetique thread in Shopping and Cooking but seemed appropriate to add here...

From Cheesetique's newsletter:

Let There Be Wine!

At long last, Cheesetique is now proud to offer a lovely selection of perfect wines to accompany your cheeses.

Our wine selection IS:

1. Hand-selected to pair perfectly with whatever style of cheese you select (look for our helpful notes)

2. Representative of smaller producers and/or burgeoning regions

3. Always changing

Our wine selection is NOT:

1. Meant to replace your regular wine shop

2. Representative of every nation, producer, and varietal on the planet

One final note: When you purchase wine, will ask for identification to confirm your age. Even if you look old enough to have invented wine. Please bear with us as we get our footing.

And most importantly... get in here an get your wine!

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