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Stop in at Shemali's Inc., a tiny Middle Eastern/Lebanese grocery shop hidden in the Foxhall Square shopping center on New Mexico Ave. (Same building as Ace Beverage).

While no where near as comprehensive as Mediterranean Bakery out near Van Dorn, it is a good little place to know about. A small selection of goods (pasta, grain, canned stuffs, and spice mixes), at least 4 different types of feta cheese, olives, and a small selection of prepared food (hummus, falafel, stuffed grape leaves, meat and spinach pies) and some excellent baklava. The ladies behind the counter are very friendly.

Probably not a place to drive great distances to visit, but if you live in the area or buying alcohol from Ace Beverage, then worth checking out.


3301 New Mexico Ave NW

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Unfortunately, a pale shadow of its former self, when it was located next to Murphy's and the lamentable Giant, behind Two Amys. There was a lunch counter and it was possible to get a tasty hot snack there, and there was a much superior selection of Middle Eastern groceries and deli items.

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Shemali needs a bump!  For in town car people and I use street parking, it might be tricky otherwise- they have some great things.  I get my working olive oil (that huge thing), house made labneh, the veg dolmeh are awesome.  The freezer has molokhiah (spelling?).  I bought a lot of tabbouleh today.  Savory pastries- with and without meat.    

For people who want to get out and not run into a crowd.  They are great source.

I park on the Starbucks side.  Pass the wine store (stop if you want), wander the halls and you get to Shemali. 

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If you need mediterranean stuff in town, this is the place. I worked at AU years ago, when Shemali's was still over on Macomb, and they were a regular stop. Now, when I need something and don't have time to do a run to the Mediterranean Bakery, I send the boy in there when he is at his allergist. 

They are well hidden. He had been going to the allergist there for years before I sent him in there for the first time, and he was SHOCKED to find it there!

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