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Yekta Kabobi Market

Anna Blume

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1488 Rockville Pike is where you'll find Joe's Noodle House and as you face the restaurant, to its left, Yekta.

On my way back from the Kielbasa Factory :) and Penzey's, I dropped in.

Persimmons for $1.49 a lb. next to an old guy who taught me how to discriminate between good and bad pomegranates.

Quinces from CA that look very different from my local ones ($2.47 each).

Paid $5 for 12 oz. of almond flour (called powder) vs. meal: nuts skinned before being ground. Looks very fresh.

Best price around for dried, sweetened tart cherries.

Borage water and other bottled herbal infusions w medicinal uses.

Frankincense to give that special someone January 6.

Dried rosebuds, brightly hued sumac and all sorts of cool seasoning and flavorings.

Big and little jars of halved nuts including pistachios, hazelnuts and walnuts, each type packed in its own strata before the honey was poured in.

Whole-milk yogurts.

Greater variety of dates and raisins and other dried fruits than you'll find in other places I've shopped.

Couldn't find a couple of intrinsically Turkish ingredients, but noticed a fair number of packages indicating Pakistan as country of origin. Afghanistan, too.

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