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While I'm still trying to work out the dcdining.com ethical issues (perceived and actual), for now I've decided to hold it to the same standards as every other business (restaurant, retailer, wholesaler, publication, blog, etc.) on this website, following the unwritten rule that it's okay to post about yourself "around twice a month."

I'm convinced that people here want to know what businesses are up to, but are repelled by the notion of shilling.

This all may change at some point, but for now, while I'm struggling to find some balance, this seems like a reasonable interim solution.

Click here (or on the individual restaurants) for my reviews from:

MoCA Asian Bistro

Palena Cafe

Mother's Macaroons

Tackle Box

Chicken Loco


Blue Ridge


Sol de España

Goldberg's New York Bagels

Champion Billiards


Shorty's Deli

The Sweetest Chef

The Chesapeake Room

Ravi Kabob House I


Happy Family

New Heights

Java Coast

Pizzeria Orso

Unique Bakery

Buck's Fishing and Camping

Passage to India

So's Your Mom

Jammin Java

Shang Hai Best Deli

Kababji Grill

Since this is all in very much of a protean state, I'd really appreciate any comments, feedback, or suggestions - feel free to PM me and express your thoughts without pulling any punches.



P.S. I'd also ask that any public comments or followups about the specifics of the reviews are written in the restaurants' own threads, rather than here. (Each of the individual posts on DCDining links to its corresponding dr.com thread (if there is one), so it's always just a click away).

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