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Best Home Cooking of 2010


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For me the top three dishes were all rather simple:

Dungeness Crab Pasta – olive oil, butter, steamed garlic, lemon rind and juice, Dungeness crab, angel hair pasta

Lobster tartar – raw lobster, scallions, olive oil, tomato vinegar, and a dash of soy sauce

Chicken “Dashi” – homemade chicken stock simmered with a piece of kombu for a stunning clear broth

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Pie inside a cake - chocolate pie inside red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting.

Pumpkin whoopie pies and cheesecakes - love autumn flavors. Yum.

Scallion pancakes - just because it reminded me of my grandmother.

Roast rack of ribs - brown sugar, wine, salt and pepper rub, slow-roasted in the oven for 4.5hrs with it broiled to crisp, per mdt's suggestion/method.

Deviled duck eggs - need I say more?

Chinese mantou - first time from scratch. Had little man's approval.

Chili with bacon from eco-friendly farms - crisped maple honey bacon by chaofun added a great smokey touch to the chili.

Hope to cook more in 2011 and many thanks to the community for all the inspiration and tips you have given me. Not to mention the encourage you all have given for the various questions and recipes I wanted to try. Thanks!!!

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5 scented ham.


Shrimp stuffed bream "Bellevue" à la mode de Crècy.


Pâté en croûte special mini edition.



Poultry pâté pantin, special District of Columbia heraldry edition.


Peach & rosemary frangipane tarts.


Pâté en croûte special picnic edition.


Mt Pleasant habanero & serano sambal, special 2.0 edition.


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We hosted a Burgundy wine tasting for eight and we needed a menu that we could do some in advance and the rest really fast…

Trio of pears salad – Ocean Room inspired.

Red and green mustards, sliced raw Asian pears, poached pears, pear sorbet, Manchego cheese with a thyme, shallot, olive oil and pear vinegar dressing [could not find quince vinegar in time].

Grilled duck tenderized with smoked sea salt, kosher salt and brown sugar from Weber’s “Way to Grill” served with a bing cherry, shallot, store bought demi-glaze and Bourgogne reduction.

Green beans and maitake mushrooms sautéed in garlic, olive oil and butter – Corduroy inspired.

Cauliflower puree – Little Inn at Washington inspired.

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