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Litestars, 21st and L Streets Downtown - American with Emphasis on Low Calories and Healthy Dishes - Closed

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After a visit to Greek Deli yesterday for the Wednesday meatball special (which I like even better than the Thursday meatloaf special), I was tempted to compensate by skipping lunch today. Instead, I made my first visit to litestars. My "Bison Tartlet" ($5.30), which is seasoned ground bison, onions, and tomatoes in a pastry-like crust, was actually pretty good. It was not that big, the crust tasted low-fat, and everything needed a little salt, but it was otherwise tasty, especially for something with a mere 290 calories. I will definitely go again, next time I'm looking for a lower calorie alternative and don't feel like a salad.

More on the place can be found here in the City Paper's article.

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