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Baying Hound Aleworks, Small Independent Brewery in Rockville, MD - Closing Mar 26, 2016

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Baying Hound Aleworks is a small independent nano-brewery in Rockville, Maryland. The brewery produces small batch beers and uses only the highest quality ingredients.


Our beers are unpasteurized and contain no additives or preservatives. Instead of forcing carbonation, Baying Hound ales undergo a secondary fermentation and are conditioned under a controlled environment.

The origin of the name "Baying Hound" is a tribute to my dearly departed bloodhound Marmalade. She was my brewing hound, always at my side and careful to clean up any spilled malt. When she died, I wanted a way for her to live on and be remembered.

Tours and tastings are available on Fridays and Saturdays by appointment.

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Thanks for posting, Paul, and welcome to the community. What beers/brewers inspire the ones you make at Baying Hound?

Right now we are only producing a smoky porter (our winter beer) and a pale ale which is more like a mild ale. We are in the process of releasing a India Style Brown Ale, should be good to go in mid to late February. We have a few other beers coming soon, our mark 2 pale ale, geared more towards people who like hoppier pale ales, and an IPA. We do a few experimental beers and you can try these when they are in stock. Coming soon....a breakfast stout that's 9+% probably make you go back to bed smile.gif and a hibiscus, ginger, rosehip ale.

As far as inspiring brewers, I'd have to say Garret Oliver, Brian Strumke, Rich Fleischer, and Nathan Sanborn.

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Are your beers available for purchase locally?

In Maryland:


The Bottle Shop

Royal Mile

Roots in Olney

King Farm

Hardtimes Cafe Bethesda

DC and Virginia lists are incomplete, I have not received the full list from the distributor who covers that territory

In Virginia:

Rustico Alexandria


Norm's Beer and Wine

Beer Run


Church Key


Connecticut Ave Wine & Liquor

I can also sell limited quantities out of the brewery.

Here is distribution information:

Department of Liquor Control

16650 Crabbs Branch Way

Rockville, MD 20855

Phone: 240-777-1900

Notes: Available through special order. Pale Ale #24417 Marmageddon Porter #24489

Washington, DC and Virginia

J. Cambier Imports, Inc.

10001 High Hill Place

Great Falls, VA 22066

Phone: 703-759-4011

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I heard that several bottles of Baying Hound exploded at local store this week - would that be a sign of over active fermentation after bottling?

Depending on whether their beers are bottled with active yeast or filtered, it'd mean either 1) they were bottled before fermentation was complete or 2) they were overprimed with sugar at bottling or c) they were packaged in defective bottles or iv) they were dropped on the floor. I'm sure there are other possibilities, but these jumped to my brain first. Many beers now are primed during fermentation, essentially, by allowing pressure to build as fermentation completes and then bottling with a counter-pressure machine to keep the carbon dioxide in solution. This negates possibilities 1 and probably 2, but I don't know how Baying Hound finishes their beers. I'm sure we'll get more info from the horse's (hound's?) mouth.

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