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Molecular Gastronomy Gift Set


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Do you know a budding Jose Andres?

Well, before you buy all the gadgets and ingredients, check this out:

ThinkGeek's new Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit, " Imagine spaghetti made out of tomato soup! Fruit-juice caviar! Floating clouds of creamy flavor that taste like preserved lemon! Cooking has gone from the everyday drudgery of boiling, straining, chopping, and roasting to spherification, gelification, and emulsification!"

For ONLY $69.95, you get a kit including:

•5 sets of food-additives:

◦Agar-agar - 10 sachets of 20g each

◦Calcium Lactate - 10 sachets of 20g each

◦Sodium Alginate - 10 sachets of 20g each

◦Soy Lecithin - 10 sachets of 20g each

◦Xanthan Gum - 10 sachets of 20g each

•1 set of tools:

◦1 syringe

◦5 pipettes

◦3 lengths of 18" silicone tubing

◦1 slotted spoon

◦1 set of measuring spoons

•1 DVD with 50 recipe demonstrations included

Think Geek Molecular Cuisine Kit

Leave it to these guys to take molecular cuisine to the geek masses.

FYI - This was meant to be a joke. I think $70 for a few chemicals and a few tools is outrageous.

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