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Is Etete Still Good?


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So despite Etete being listed in Washingtonians most recent Top 100 list, I have noticed complaints on both this weeks Kliman and Sietsema chats that the quality has slipped. Sietsema said today "Etete, by the way, isn't as good as it once was."

Brother and Sister-in-law visiting and want ethipoian, should we go with Etete or go somewhere else on U Street...like Dukem (I've never been to Dukem).

and before anyone suggests Ethiopic we are going there Saturday night.

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Tweaked: saf mentioned Little Ethiopia and Madjet on the Ethopian thread. I am going to try out LE tonight and report back.

eta: Rhone1998 suggested Dukem.

My wife and I tried Madjet for the first time a few weeks ago. We got two meat dishes (including the one named something like Viagra) and a veggie sampler. My benchmark is still Dukem, I found the two meat dishes good, but I'd say marginally worse than Dukem (certainly less spicy). The veggies, including undercooked, under-seasoned cabbage and totally bland lentils, weren't even close to what you can expect from Dukem.

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