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Rockafella's Sports Bar in Gaithersburg

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Very low expectations; went for the kids as this place has many TVs and some video games. My rule of thumb is TVs on the wall = frozen, microwaved crap on the plate.

But I had a few surprises from the wings/burgers/sliders/sandwiches menu:

- The corn fritter appetizers are made in-house and yummy, if cooked a bit too long. Complete with dipping honey, these might be a better dessert.

- Each sandwich came with house-made potato chips. Again, maybe a little overdone in the oil but a nice touch on the plate.

- The menu included a liverwurst sandwhich; always a good sign. I ordered kielbasa and kraut which was decent though in a bun that was too large.

I normally wouldn't post about a place like this, it isn't high brow enough. I wasn't punished by allowing my kids to choose our dining destination and that was nice. They're making an effort with in-house efforts and a welcoming atmosphere... and that's laudable.

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