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Yonkers, NY


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I was in Yonkers in September and ate at Frank Pepe's and thought it was a chip off the original block. The food and decor are the same down to the crust and wainscot panelling. I thought it was a more relaxed visit than the New Haven original.

Here's a snippet from an article published on October 29, 2009, by Julia Sexton, when the Yonkers location opened:

The Frank Pepe Development Corporation is taking few chances. The Yonkers pizzaiolos will have completed a six- to 12-month apprenticeship dancing at the Wooster Street ovenmouth, learning through repitition the fiery behemoth’s hot and cool spots. (Cooking in a coal oven is an art, where everything from wind to ambient humidity affects the finished product.) Instead of a large single oven, the Yonkers space will hold two, whose combined 35,000-pound mass was built by the Frank Pepe Development Corporation as perfect copies of the original. The iron doors to the Yonkers ovens are cast from their New Haven ancestor, and even on the Yonkers sidewalk, you’ll find a New Haven man hole cover capping the coal chute. The idea of bringing in New Haven water for the dough has been bandied, but anyone who has ever tasted a New Haven tap will appreciate that CT-bottled Foxon Park birch beer and lemon-lime “gassosa,” among others, are available for drinking.

There's also Stew Leonard's the huge grocery store with anamatronic mascots. Just don't go on a weekend. Here are a couple of photos from their website of in-store options:


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