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Deshi Spice, in the old Yorktown Bistro Space - Bangladeshi food on Lee Highway in Arlington - Closed

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i have eaten there 2 or 3 times. they have some of the standard mumbai standards, and they also have a number of Bangladesh dishes. most include fish, and are special order, or weekend. last friday, early on, i had one of these:


Cooked with beef on the bone and basmati rice, medium spice with many types of lentils

i was extremely pleased with it. the place is just around the corner from virginia hospital center, so whenever i visit there, i plan to visit deshi spice.

also had had a mango iced tea. it's worth the price of admission.


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Yelp reports this place closed as of 9/29. My drive by shows of this Shopping Center, the only surviving places are: Saran (Veggie) Indian, Caribbean Grill, and Thai Thai. It looks sad otherwise. What happened?!?!

That's too bad. I remember writing Tim Carman shortly after he wrote this piece about Deshi Spice. This piece had inspired me to order carryout, and I'd gotten an exotic, very boney, river fish (two different ones, now that I think about it) that's extremely common in Bangladesh. It was fascinating, frustrating (picking through all the bones), and very rewarding.

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