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Kid's Aprons and Chef's Hats


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So BLPreschooler's Pizza Making Party is coming up fast.

The deadline to RSVP was last Monday and we then ordered the aprons and hats plus a few extras.

This morning 2 extra RSVPs came in.

I'm not officially panicked yet but I thought I would ask where I could find kids sized chef hats and aprons if I need them tomorrow.

We didn't go high end-- disposable for both:



Any ideas?

One option would be to get the birthday boy a nice set somewhere so that frees up an extra of the ones we bought if we get more last minute RSVPs...



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Willams-Sonoma has kid-sized aprons (for the birthday boy), as does La Cuisine. Both should have them in the store; W-S is advertising a Star Wars apron, among other choices. How about 'chef's coats' - using old button-up shirts (from the closet or a thrift store) like we used to wear when we were finger-painting, etc. - or at least I did.

Not sure about chef's hats. It looks like some of the paper ones can fit children and adults, if you could find a restaurant that would give you a couple.

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