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Eggcellence Breakfast Brunchery

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Mom and I skipped our normal breakfast at Regina's in West Annapolis as she wanted me to try this place.

We went in and the place although minimally decorated was clean and comfortable and very family friendly, but not in an overwhelming way. They have a really nice menu of breakfast items. Benedicts, Omlettes, Frittatas, Pancakes and etc. They can substitute egg beaters and egg whites. It is just pretty much normal breakfast, but not too expensive and lots of egg options. But Annapolis needs that.

I had an egg white omlette with crab, avacado, tomato and swiss. Although it had too much swiss, it wasn't incorporated in, so I could just pull off what I didn't want. Other people probably like the cheese, I just don't like very much on an omlette. But the omlette was cooked really well, nice and fluffy. Breakfast potatoes were normal, but good. Service was prompt and efficient. All in all it was a good breakfast, and I like that the menu has more and less healthy things, in a nice balance. Quick in and out, but it seemed other people were lingering without a hassle which was nice.

This place is kind of hidden up by the Petsmart where Lemongrass Too is. Anyway it is a nice breakfast alternative, especially if you don't want brunch.

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