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Another Important Annoucement

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Don is out of town this week on his annual vacation drinking binge and has asked me to update everyone on a few board changes:

Introducing the new DonRockwell.com app: “IDAMDR” This cool little app that works like the POI (point of interest) function on a regular GPS. It finds your location, you choose a category, and it finds all of the places in that category that are near you. Links show up with posts and reviews, and with another click you can book DCdining.com help. Food & Drink is just one of the 600 categories that you can choose from. It works kind of like a front-end to DonRockwell.com, however makes using it while on the road very easy and simple to use. Is it worth the $19.99? Well that’s less than a tank of gas in most places, so sure. Download through iTunes or go IDAMDR. Android users can find the app here.

What says spring more than some upcoming board changes! Finally after years of deliberation, the famous Ray’s the Steaks thread here will be split into 6 separate threads: Ray’s the Steaks, Ray’s East River, Ray’s the Catch, Ray’s the Glass, Ray’s the “insert rumor and concept here” and finally Ray’s the Undead. While most of these are self-explanatory, Ray’s the undead will just feature the charm, wit and in-depth perceptions that only Michael Landrum can spew out.

Finally, there will not be any other important announcements today. I really could care less how your day is going, mine continues to degrade.


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A guy goes to the Doctor, complaining of an extremely sore penis.

"Let's have a look," the Doc says. The guys drops trou. "Oh my GOD, that looks terrible!" the Doctor says. "Yeah, it's really sore," says the guy.

Doc says: "Are you married?"


"Well, how often do you have sex with your wife?" he asks.

"About three or four times a week, sometimes more," the patient replies.

"Any problems with her lubrication?"

"Not really, unless we're doing it for a long time, you know, like half an hour or longer."

"Hmmm," the Doctor muses…."And let me ask; do you have, um, anyone on the side?"

"Oh yes, I have a girlfriend," says the guy.

"And how often do you have sex with her?" asks the Doc.

"Five, maybe six times a week; it depends. Sometimes a couple times a day if we haven't seen each other for a few days," the guy says.

"Well there's your explanation," says the Doc. "You're having sex about ten to twelve times every week; that would be enough to give any man a sore penis."

"Thank GOD," the guy says: "I was afraid it was the masturbation!"

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