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Corduroy, Fine Dining at the Convention Center - Chef Tom Power's Magnificent Cooking

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On ‎10‎/‎23‎/‎2018 at 12:30 PM, Mark Slater said:

There are 11 seats at the bar. 4+7 on the long side. 

The Corduroy bar will not be available for seating this Saturday Oct. 27 until after 9PM due to a private event. 

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So I finally made it to Corduroy for dinner after meaning to go for so many years.  Perhaps mistakenly I thought there had been a jacket and tie requirement which goes against my very ethos (modern slob in case anyone is wondering) - anyway the dress code is gone now if it ever existed and I was excited to try the place after so many wonderful reviews here.  Went with a couple close friends who were happy to share in the adventure.

I had the appetizer special, a smoked salmon/cream cheese affair that was quite good with the accompanying bread. Followed that with the chicken two ways - confit and roasted - that was wonderful.  Really enjoyed this dish immensely. Perhaps what helped that was the wonderful wine recommendation from Marc Slater, who stopped by to say hi and to suggest a really great red that all three of us enjoyed.  I'd be glad to add this place to my standard repertoire, such as it is.  Kudos for the wonderful cooking and hospitality.

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