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Zenebech Restaurant, Zenebech Dessu and Gebrehanna Demissie's Ethiopian - Reopen Aug 4, 2017 in Adams Morgan

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On 12/23/2017 at 11:01 AM, Pat said:

Looks like bad news. There was a 2-alarm fire in the attic of the Cajun seafood place next door to Zenebech last night. The Post didn't link to any of the video, but there is some on the @dcfireems Twitter feed, and it looks pretty bad. You can see the ladder in front of Zenebech referred to in the Post article in the video. It sounds as though they occupy different storefronts in the same building. It would be amazing if Zenebech didn't sustain some serious damage, but here's hoping...And it's certainly not a good day for the owners of the business where the fire was concentrated.  

Zenebach is anticipating that they'll be reopening mid-March:

Screenshot 2018-03-02 at 11.53.55.png

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Went here for dinner on Saturday - got there a little before 6, as we had heard they were slammed the week before. 3 of us, sat at the bar. Had lentil sambusas, a sampler platter, and an order of ribs. And Ethiopian beers. Very tasty, and the service was lovely. It was so nice to see they made it through.

And there was still a lot of takeout going out the door too.

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