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Flip-It Bakery

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I looked around in the dining guide and didn't see this under Petworth or under multiple locations, but if there's a thread please merge!

I've never been to the Flip-It Bakery and Deli on Georgia Ave, but Flip-It II just recently opened at Rhode Island and 16th NE near Brookland. We'd read a few good things on the neighborhood listserv so decided to check it out for brunch yesterday.

The interior is bright and clean, if a little sparsely decorated, and they have a nice little patio out front that we'll certainly be coming back to with the dog. The service was a little scattered and slow, but friendly, and hopefully will improve as it stays open a little longer. When you walk in, the bakery case up front is definitely enticing. There's 3 kinds of giant cinnamon rolls, apple turnovers and muffins along with multiple cake options.

Everything on the menu is very reasonably priced with breakfast platters mostly coming in between $5-6.50 or so. You can even get a side of french toast or pancakes for $3 or a side of sausage or bacon for only $1 (they also have both turkey sausage and turkey bacon available). The section of deli sandwiches sounded good, and the dinner options offer usual American fare and burgers along with fajitas and quesadillas.

I had the Chicken and Waffles ($5.95) and a side of grits ($2?). The chicken was more like chicken wings (5 of them), but the batter had a really good flavor and they had a great crunch. The waffle was a pretty typical Belgian waffle, but was hot and fresh. The grits were a little too butter saturated for my taste, but now I know what to special request next time. My +1 had the Biscuit and Sausage Gravy with Egg ($5.95) and a side of home fries ($2?). The gravy was good, and a generous serving, but the biscuit was a little bit dry and dense. I would probably pass on this order next time. The home fries were the roasted potato with pepper type (I generally prefer shredded), but were decent.

The omelets and pancakes coming to other tables looked good, so I look forward to trying those and to coming back for a sandwich or something from the bakery. I wouldn't necessarily recommend going out of your way to eat here, but if you live nearby or are headed out of town on RI it's definitely a solid, and affordable, option in the neighborhood.

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