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Big Cheese/ Sammy's Deli

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Right by the inner harbor, on what I think is Dock Street is a little deli and shop. A combination of both the Big Cheese (a little french deli) and Sammy's (normal american deli) run by husband and wife. It used to be in the marketplace, back before they mucked that place all up. Bob and his Wife who I forge the name of are just wonderfully nice people. This is a great place to get a sandwich if you work in the area, want some sandwiches to go out on the boat, or want to grab a sandwich and eat on the dock. It isn't anything fancy, but the sandwiches are good. I particularly like the veggie sandwich for time to time. Bob has grated carrots and sprouts and other veggies and he will put them on any sandwich for you. I often like to put a little more veg on my sandwich to try to get to my five a day. Bob would spot me a sandwich when I worked down there and didn't have cash on me, and I would get him back next time. They were nice to us workers, the cadets, the johnnies and the community. They normally have good brand potato chips and other provisions too. I used to love the turkey and dill havarti with carrots and sprouts. Not the best bread, but the innards are good, and it is hard to find a good place for a decent sandwich in nap, let alone one that is family run and gives back to the community.

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