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I have been to Carpaccio a couple times with the Momma. They serve pretty generous portions of pasta, bread and etc. But it is generally better than the chain Italian options, Luna and Osteria 177 are probably better, but I haven't been to either place, well I went to Osteria once when it first opened, but have hear dit got better. I will say the clam pasta was really good, it had real clams in it and I ate the entire bowl before I knew it. Pretty good wine list for MD. It was a nice place to have a bigger group dinner too, as it wasn't as crammed as some of the smaller little places downtown. Would stick with the basics though.


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Carpaccio has the look and feel of a restaurant that anchors the ground level of a modern "mixed use" urban development...the kind of development that ends with "Row" or "Town Center"

Much of the food comes from the "more is more" school of cooking. If you order separately you will be going home with doggie bags.

The star of the night was the bread basket. Thick slices of bread (not sure you could call it foccacia but that's the closest I would call it) slathered in a garlicy marinara sauce was excellent. Like give me another basket and a glass of wine and call it a night excellent.

The panzanella was dominated by flavorless tomatoes that suffered from way too much fresh ground course black pepper...and we counted exactly 2 pieces of garlic croutons standing in for bread.

The pizza was not good. Floppy, wet crust that falls apart. It didn't even reheat well the next day.

But that marinara bread...it's the kinda of thing where years from now we will say, "Remember when we went to that kinda crappy Italian restaurant in Annapolis and had that amazing bread."

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