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DC Grey Market

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The 3rd DC Grey Farmers Market will be held on Sunday, July 17th from 1pm-5pm at the North Liberty Community Market (5th & I NW, near Kushi and Busboys & Poets).

"Grey DC is an organization dedicated to building a stronger community in Washington DC. We are a small business incubator that provides opportunities for local entrepreneurs who lack the financial capital needed to test the market. We organize markets for food vendors who otherwise would not have a chance to sell their wares. Our events provide opportunities for local small businesses to connect directly to potential consumers."

There is a $2 entrance fee and a waiver to sign since some of the vendors are not exactly licensed. Mostly prepared foods (pastries) and some raw meats from White House Meats, but not much in the way of produce. I will be selling my traditional wares under the nom de plume Worthwhile Meat & Provisions:

Leafy Greens Sausage $8/lb (8 oz 16 oz portions; raw, vacuum sealed)

Fresh pork sausage with kale, turnip and mustard greens.

Boudin Blanc d’Avranches $8/lb (8 oz and 16 oz portions; cooked, vacuum sealed)

Cooked, emulsified sausage made from poultry, onions, butter and bread.

Pâté en Croûte $16/lb (4 or 6 oz portions, vacuum sealed)

Pork, pork tongue, ham, fatback, currant and pistachio pâté in a savory pastry crust.

Smoked Salmon $12/lb (4 oz portions; vacuum sealed)

King salmon cured with fennel seed, dill, lemon, salt and turbinado. Smoked then handsomely sliced.

Cauliflower Agnolotti$12/lb (1/2 oz each; fresh pasta)

Cauliflower-Mornay filled egg pasta.

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Do you take orders in advance?

In the spirit of accountability and satisfaction I generally recommend a Pepsi taste test of said products or an endorsed gustatory reference before committing, though as long as prospecting demand does not exceed the modest supply I am pleased to accommodate with confidence. Pâté en croûte is limited to one 2lb piece for this exploratory occasion and wild salmon prices are quite dear this year; anything more than 1lb may necessitate a thriftier sockeye, lest I be burdened with a personal bagel deficit. However, additional green sausage, boudin and agnolotti can be fabricated with enough generous notice (2-3 days).

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Today's Washington Post has an interesting article about the DC Grey Market and similar markets in other areas. It also addresses some of the challenges for, and concerns associated with, the vendors and the products sold at 'grey' markets.

I was too late to score some of Poivrot Farci's leafy greens sausage, but the sample I tried was delicious. Last night I enjoyed a sundried tomato/green olive spread I had purchased from another vendor. A previous dinner utilized a lovely blueberry salsa. Looking forward to the next market!

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I was too late to score some of Poivrot Farci's leafy greens sausage, but the sample I tried was delicious.

So, the article at long last outs our very own Poivrot Farci as a professional chef and a member of the tribe. Has Joan Nathan been in touch yet? She actively cultivates Jewish chefs, and here's one in her own backyard. Not to mention her passion for French-Jewish cuisine reflected in her latest book Quiches, Kugels and Cous Cous. Although all that pork-based charcuterie he makes might be a problem for Joan.

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I'm pretty sure they don't have the next one planned yet.

I was able to score Pate en Croute, Smoked Salmon and Leafy Green Sausage. They were, of course, all fabulous.

Other scores were Crunkcakes which were fully loaded with alcohol, a spinach and artichoke dip and a Korean take on bah mihn.

It's a great way to spend a Sunday.

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