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Saw Ken Oringer on Simply Ming

Kibbee Nayee

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The only reason I know anything about this guy is because his sister lives in Reston and is friends with Lady Kibbee. I knew about his Iron Chef appearance a few years ago because of his sister -- he won "Battle Coffee" against Cat Kora....I think Cat Kora is a joke and one of the core reasons why the Food Network is unwatchable, but that's another post.

My opinion of Ken Oringer is that he is somewhat like a Jeff Tunks -- successful restaurateur on the local level, decent chef, but not a national talent like Jose Andres or Eric Ziebold. I toss in the Eric Ziebold comparison because Ken Oringer and Ming Tsai both worked together in San Francisco at the Mandarin Oriental restaurant many years ago. About 20 years ago, Todd English was a Ken Oringer type of local chef-restaurateur, but when he tried to go national I think he kind of bombed.

If, as I suspect, Ken Oringer is the Jeff Tunks of Boston, who are the equivalents in New York, Philadelphia, etc.?

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