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Restaurant Week Dinner for College Send-Off Dinner


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I'd like to take my kids out to dinner before they head back to college. One of them is a very adventurous diner - he loves all seafood, meats, and will try just about anything. My daughter however is somewhat pickier. She doesn't like seafood or red meat.

We live up in Frederick so don't get down to DC very often for dinner. Consequently, I need some guidance in selecting a place to take them. I made a reservation at Art & Soul for Saturday night because the offerings looked pretty darn tasty.


Any place else you think would be a good choice during RW?

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I'm biased but try Ardeo + Bardeo. There are over 50 menu items (all executed very well) and they are serving up evertyhing from pizzas and a great burger to rabbit and foie gras. When I worked there, one of the most consistent compliments I heard was that "we have something for everyone" on our menu.

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I second Ardeo+Bardeo and I didn't used to work there. You might also check out Tosca, the ambiance is a little boring, but the food is stellar. I haven't been to Ris, but have heard good things. I haven't been to either Againn, J&G or Firefly for RW, but I like them in general and think they might meat your requirements. J&G is loosely a steakhouse, with lots of other things on the menu.

I haven't loved meals at Art and Soul, but have never been for RW.

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