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Ice Dream, Bethesda

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I honestly don't remember where I found the link, but stumbled up Ice Dream somehow. I have not had a chance to try it out or anything, but for those who like Taiwanese snow ice, here is a good chance. I believe the owners are not from Taiwan, but this is based on a theory found on the homepage of their website.

Has anyone been? A search here came up with nothing.

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Tried it yesterday at Montgomery Mall. Got the medium size that includes one topping and one sauce. I chose mango ice, lychee topping, and sweet condensed milk. At almost $4 it was big enough to share with the family. We all enjoyed it, but the five and seven year olds said they preferred regular ice cream, although that it didn't stop them from eating the stuff. What I found different was the fact the mango flavor was in the ice itself, and it was more a mango milk ice.

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