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Buying Whole or Half Animal

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Buying a whole or half animal is a great way to save money on a producer's meat you like. And you can split the orders with friends or family.

When I was growing up, my mother bought half a side of beef every year. It made a huge difference in price at a time when we ate a lot of beef (4 kids) and money was tight.. I loved riffling through the shelves of our stand up freezer at flat, wrapped butcher papered cuts with the names of the cuts written in black magic marker. It was exciting to unwrap the package and find a chuck steak or a tri-tip or some other name that we grilled or pot roasted (Jewish family=lots of pot roasts.) Vacuum packing does not have quite the same romance.

New Asbury Farm has been selling whole (60 pounds) and half (25-30 pounds) of their excellent, young, tender and meadow raised Loudoun County lambs for about a year now. Butchered into cuts of your choice. Pick up in the summer and Fall at Bloomingale Farmers Market. (They come into town once or twice in the winter and have different pick up sites)



Dear loyal DC lamb customers,

We are sending 4 lambs to the processor this week for delivery at Bloomingdale on September 18th! We will do our best to put a Whole or Half Lamb package together for you (Whole 50-60 lbs @ $9 per lb or Half 25-30 lbs @ $10 per lb). You can split the order among friends and family, if you like. Choose your cuts or email Joan to discuss.

Email: info AT newasburyfarm DOT com

We will not have any Whole Legs, Whole Shoulders, or Italian Sausage this time.

Please order from the following choices:


Half Bone-in Roast

Half Boneless Roast

Shoulder/Arm Chops

Stew Meat

Front Shanks


Bone-in Roast

Boneless Roast

Loin Chops



Frenched Rack

Rib Chops


Half Bone-in Leg

Half Boneless Butterflied Leg

Leg Steaks

Leg Kabobs

Rear Shanks


Ground Lamb

Sage Sausage Links ($1.50 extra per lb)

Soup Bones ($2 per lb with boneless cuts)

Optional Neck Roast

Optional Denver Rib Slabs or Riblet Strips

Optional Organs

See you on September 18th!

Bill and Joan Baker

New Asbury Farm

Email: info AT newasburyfarm DOT com

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