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Union Station "Street Food"

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Got off the Metro at Union Station and took the escalator up to the street level and caught the faint whiff of curry. Looking around perplexed I eventually caught sight of two vendors serving up Jamaican/Caribbean and Indian food.

These are not inside the Station but part of the line of kiosks/vendors that are between the Metro escalators and the side entrance to Union Station.

Tried the veggie patty from the Caribbean vendor, overall tasty for a $2 snack. Veggies inside kinda looked like the type from a frozen package of mixed vegetable (green peas, carrots, corn etc.) but had a surprising nice heat to it. The vendor tossed in a couple pieces of fried broccoli, the batter had suffered from sitting around (who knows when they were actually fried), but somewhat tasty as well for what it was. The vendor had probably 4 or 5 other dishes.

Didn't check out out the India vendor next to it, but looked like he was serving up some sort of roti stuffed sandwich...definitely worth further exploration.

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As someone who works essentially in Union Station, these carts are much appreciated. The Indian guy's roti sandwiches -- or, whatever they are -- are indeed delicious, though not especially cheap. I eat two for about $15.00, which is substantially more than a similarly filling lunch at the nearby Chipotle (which I have actually never been to). You can also get a rotating curry/veg/rice combo and decent somosas.

The Mexican guy's tacos are pretty tasty, as well.

I've been a long and happy roll of bringing good leftovers from home, so my memory is imprecise. I will report back next time I pop by.

It should be noted that -- if you're commuting through -- they sell Lyon Bakery (same bakery that supplies Cheesetique) bread in that little plaza, as well, if you need to pick up a loaf on your way home (buy early).

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