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Jefferson Coffee Shop


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I was reading this article in the Guardian yesterday and wondered if anyone may know where this place is? It is apparently still open as a restaurant with a different name:

"My father's diner, the Jefferson Coffee Shop, was a simple, 27-seat affair in Washington DC, open for breakfast and lunch – coffee and eggs in the morning, cold cuts and burgers in the afternoon. It was the size of a small train car, with 13 stools covered in orange vinyl, four booths along one wall, a cigarette machine, an open kitchen and a counter illuminated by overhead lamps that my father and I had hung one Saturday. My dad bought the place in 1965, after various jobs in carry-outs and soda fountains, and a stint working for my grandfather at Frank's Carryout, a soul-food eatery and beer garden. The Jefferson, on 19th Street, was my father's pride"....

"....Every so often I take the metro down to Dupont Circle, walk into the old diner and have a seat on one of the orange stools. The current owner has switched the menu to gourmet fare and changed the name, but the space is unchanged."

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C.F. Folks.

"Lunch Spot: A stone's throw from blue- chip steak houses and trendy ethnic eateries, C.F. Folks has become the place for a quick bite."

The goal was simple: find a five-day-a-week job, with nights and weekend off.

After more than 23 years of doing just that, Art Carlson and Peggy Fredricksen can safely look at each other and say; mission accomplished. The pair started in real estate. Carlson worked for companies such as Tauber and Charles E. Smith. Fredricksen also worked for real estate developers. But they wanted a place of their own, a manageable place where they could make their own hours and their own rules. The Jefferson Coffee Shop at 1225 19th St. N.W. seemed to be just what they were looking for.

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