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Hello all,

Right after I discovered this forum this last spring, I left for Alaska to fish all summer. I had time for a few short posts before leaving. It was wonderful to meet many of you and your advise and ideas, in many cases, proved very helpful to our new business selling our salmon here in the DC and NoVA areas. So, thank you.

I thought I would write in again to mention that our salmon is en route now and our first pick up will be Sep. 16th, 17th, 18th. We are still deciding on the exact location but it will be somewhere in N. Arlington. In addition to selling full shares (about 22 pounds) we are also offering half shares of 10 or 11 pounds. We are also thrilled to have king/chinook salmon in addition to sockeye/red salmon. While our preorder prices are no longer available, when the middle of the month rolls around we will be able to deliver salmon immediately--no more waiting. If you would like to purchase salmon you can call, email or fill out the order form and mail it in. Salmon will be available for pickup the following week at a N. Arlington location. In some cases I can also deliver it myself.

Additionally, as mentioned in a previous post, I will be putting on classes on how to smoke salmon. I am still working out the details but these will be relaxed affairs in local parks. We may even have a BBQ with grilled salmon too. I want these classes to be a lot of fun and casual where we can get together and learn how to prepare, smoke and serve salmon. These classes will be free or donation and will start in the last two weeks of Sep and run a few times a month through the fall and winter.

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